Commit 14f515de authored by Shahar Levi's avatar Shahar Levi
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linux-firmware: wl12xx: Updated STA & AP FW for wl12xx-fw-3

The new wl12xx fw (ver had some major api changes.
The main change was the addition of multi-role concept.
For each chip there are two FW kind:
1) A single FW for both STA and AP roles
2) PLT FW that support calibration process

Update FW for WL128x chip to
  STA & AP FW version
  PLT FW version

Update FW for WL127x chip
  STA & AP FW version
  PLT FW version

Create a soft symbolic link wl12xx-nvs.bin that link to one of
the examples NVF files (by default wl127x)
Signed-off-by: default avatarShahar Levi <>
parent 51a6242d
......@@ -1521,11 +1521,20 @@ Driver: wl12xx - Texas Instruments 802.11 wireless LAN driver
File: wl1271-fw.bin
File: wl1271-fw-2.bin
File: wl128x-fw.bin
File: wl1271-fw-ap.bin
File: wl127x-fw-3.bin
File: wl127x-fw-plt-3.bin
File: wl128x-fw.bin
File: wl128x-fw-ap.bin
File: wl1271-nvs-example-wl127x.bin
File: wl1271-nvs-example-wl128x.bin
File: wl128x-fw-3.bin
File: wl128x-fw-plt-3.bin
File: wl127x-nvs.bin
File: wl128x-nvs.bin
sl: wl12xx-nvs.bin -> wl127x-nvs.bin
sl: wl1271-nvs.bin -> wl127x-nvs.bin
Licence: See LICENCE.ti-connectivity for details.
......@@ -1534,6 +1543,10 @@ Licence: See LICENCE.ti-connectivity for details.
Station: wl128x-fw.bin version
Access Point: wl1271-fw-ap.bin version
Access Point: wl128x-fw-ap.bin version
Station & Access Point: wl127x-fw-3.bin version Rev
PLT: wl127x-fw-3.bin version PLT
Station & Access Point: wl128x-fw-3.bin version Rev
PLT: wl128x-fw-3.bin version PLT
The nvs file includes two parts:
- radio calibration
......@@ -1543,10 +1556,11 @@ In order to have correct NVS file for your device NVS tool should be use:
Example NVS files (not optimal) for wl127x and wl128x includes.
To use example NVS rename one of them to wl1271-nvs.bin
To use example NVS set symbolic link wl12xx-nvs.bin to one of
them (depending the chip on the platform)
In order to use that files copy ti-connectivity directory to target FS at
\ No newline at end of file
File mode changed from 100755 to 100644
\ No newline at end of file
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