Unverified Commit 70e43940 authored by Siva Rebbagondla's avatar Siva Rebbagondla Committed by Josh Boyer
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linux-firmware: rsi: add firmware image for redpine 9116 chipset

These images will be loaded by rsi driver based on operating mode for
RS9116 chipset. Firmware version is 1.0.5b.

Added entry in WHENCE and updated copyright year.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSiva Rebbagondla <siva8118@gmail.com>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJosh Boyer <jwboyer@kernel.org>
parent fd69a5dc
......@@ -3510,10 +3510,16 @@ Version: 1.6.1
File: rsi/rs9113_ap_bt_dual_mode.rps
Version: 1.6.1
File: rsi/rs9116_wlan.rps
Version: 1.0.5b
File: rsi/rs9116_wlan_bt_classic.rps
Version: 1.0.5b
* Firmware is:
* Derived from proprietary unpublished source code,
* Copyright (C) 2014 Redpine Signals Inc.
* Copyright (C) 2019 Redpine Signals Inc.
* Permission is hereby granted for the distribution of this firmware
* as part of Linux or other Open Source operating system kernel
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