Commit 33a1bc51 authored by Vinod Koul's avatar Vinod Koul
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linux-firmware: add Skylake audio firmware

This adds Skylake audio dsp firmware which will be used in Skylake systems
with adsp enabled.

The version of this firmware release is

The md5sum of this firmware binary is 039c718077ea3c3a4253110a0554f422
Signed-off-by: default avatarVinod Koul <>
parent 66d3d8d7
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......@@ -2830,6 +2830,16 @@ License: Redistributable. See LICENCE.fw_sst_0f28 for details
Driver: snd-soc-skl
File: intel/dsp_fw_release.bin
md5sum: 039c718077ea3c3a4253110a0554f422
License: Redistributable. See LICENCE.adsp_sst for details
Driver: smsmdtv - Siano MDTV Core module
File: cmmb_vega_12mhz.inp
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