Commit 68c4f016 authored by Jaswinder Singh's avatar Jaswinder Singh Committed by David Woodhouse
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dsp56k: use request_firmware

Signed-off-by: default avatarJaswinder Singh <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Woodhouse <>
parent 942b3216
......@@ -309,3 +309,15 @@ Licence:
Found in hex form in kernel source.
Driver: ATARI_DSP56K - Atari DSP56k support
File: dsp56k/bootstrap.bin
Source: dsp56k/bootstrap.asm
Licence: GPLv2 or later
DSP56001 assembler, possibly buildable with a56 from
; Author: Frederik Noring <>
; This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
; License. See the file COPYING in the main directory of this archive
; for more details.
; DSP56k loader
; Host Interface
M_BCR EQU $FFFE ; Port A Bus Control Register
M_PBC EQU $FFE0 ; Port B Control Register
M_PBDDR EQU $FFE2 ; Port B Data Direction Register
M_PBD EQU $FFE4 ; Port B Data Register
M_PCC EQU $FFE1 ; Port C Control Register
M_PCDDR EQU $FFE3 ; Port C Data Direction Register
M_PCD EQU $FFE5 ; Port C Data Register
M_HCR EQU $FFE8 ; Host Control Register
M_HSR EQU $FFE9 ; Host Status Register
M_HRX EQU $FFEB ; Host Receive Data Register
M_HTX EQU $FFEB ; Host Transmit Data Register
; SSI, Synchronous Serial Interface
M_RX EQU $FFEF ; Serial Receive Data Register
M_TX EQU $FFEF ; Serial Transmit Data Register
M_CRA EQU $FFEC ; SSI Control Register A
M_CRB EQU $FFED ; SSI Control Register B
M_SR EQU $FFEE ; SSI Status Register
M_TSR EQU $FFEE ; SSI Time Slot Register
; Exception Processing
M_IPR EQU $FFFF ; Interrupt Priority Register
org P:$0
start jmp <$40
org P:$40
; ; Zero 16384 DSP X and Y words
; clr A #0,r0
; clr B #0,r4
; do #64,<_block1
; rep #256
; move A,X:(r0)+ B,Y:(r4)+
;_block1 ; Zero (32768-512) Program words
; clr A #512,r0
; do #126,<_block2
; rep #256
; move A,P:(r0)+
; Copy DSP program control
move #real,r0
move #upload,r1
do #upload_end-upload,<_copy
move P:(r0)+,x0
move x0,P:(r1)+
_copy movep #>4,X:<<M_HCR
movep #>$c00,X:<<M_IPR
and #<$fe,mr
jmp upload
org P:$7ea9
movep #>1,X:<<M_PBC
movep #>0,X:<<M_BCR
next jclr #0,X:<<M_HSR,*
movep X:<<M_HRX,A
move #>3,x0
cmp x0,A #>1,x0
jeq <$0
jclr #0,X:<<M_HSR,_get_address
movep X:<<M_HRX,r0
jclr #0,X:<<M_HSR,_get_length
movep X:<<M_HRX,y0
cmp x0,A #>2,x0
jeq load_X
cmp x0,A
jeq load_Y
load_P do y0,_load
jclr #0,X:<<M_HSR,*
movep X:<<M_HRX,P:(r0)+
_load jmp next
load_X do y0,_load
jclr #0,X:<<M_HSR,*
movep X:<<M_HRX,X:(r0)+
_load jmp next
load_Y do y0,_load
jclr #0,X:<<M_HSR,*
movep X:<<M_HRX,Y:(r0)+
_load jmp next
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