Commit 7b040b36 authored by Alexandre Courbot's avatar Alexandre Courbot

nvidia: add GP10B signed firmware

These NVIDIA-signed firmwares are required to enable the graphics
engine on the Jetson TX2 board and other TX2-based devices.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexandre Courbot <>
parent 44d8e8d4
......@@ -3447,6 +3447,24 @@ File: nvidia/gp107/nvdec/scrubber.bin
File: nvidia/gp107/sec2/desc.bin
File: nvidia/gp107/sec2/image.bin
File: nvidia/gp107/sec2/sig.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/acr/bl.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/acr/ucode_load.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/fecs_bl.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/fecs_data.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/fecs_inst.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/fecs_sig.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/gpccs_bl.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/gpccs_data.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/gpccs_inst.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/gpccs_sig.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/sw_ctx.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/sw_method_init.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/gr/sw_nonctx.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/pmu/desc.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/pmu/image.bin
File: nvidia/gp10b/pmu/sig.bin
Licence: Redistributable. See LICENCE.nvidia for details
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