Commit 850de370 authored by Mathieu OTHACEHE's avatar Mathieu OTHACEHE

moxa: Add firmware for Moxa 11x0 USB Serial devices

Add firmware for the following devices, controlled by mxu11x0 kernel

- UPort 1110
- UPort 1130
- UPort 1130I
- UPort 1150
- UPort 1150I
Signed-off-by: default avatarMathieu OTHACEHE <>
parent bbe4917c
The software accompanying this license statement (the “Software”)
is the property of Moxa Inc. (the “Moxa”), and is protected by
United States and International Copyright Laws and International
treaty provisions. No ownership rights are granted by this
Agreement or possession of the Software. Therefore, you must treat
the Licensed Software like any other copyrighted material. Your
rights and obligations in its use are described as follows:
1. You may freely redistribute this software under this license.
2. You may freely download and use this software on Moxa's device.
3. You may not modify or attempt to reverse engineer the software, or
make any attempt to change or even examine the source code of the
4. You may not re-license or sub-license the software to any person or
business, using any other license.
5. Moxa(r) is worldwide registered trademark.
......@@ -2728,6 +2728,18 @@ License: Redistributable. See LICENSE.amd-ucode for details
Driver: mxu11x0 - MOXA UPort 11x0 USB Serial hub driver
File: moxa/moxa-1110.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1130.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1131.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1150.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1151.fw
License: Redistributable. See LICENSE.moxa for details
Driver: mxuport - MOXA UPort USB Serial hub driver
File: moxa/moxa-1250.fw
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