Commit 8be41326 authored by Bernd Porr's avatar Bernd Porr Committed by Kyle McMartin

usbdux: Makefile_dux: as31 compile no longer needed

Removed the as31 download instructions. My patches have been
integrated into the official as31 release which now also allows
including files. So the standard as31 is fine.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBernd Porr <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBernd Porr <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKyle McMartin <>
parent f13547c1
......@@ -3,20 +3,16 @@
# no warranty
all: as31 usbduxfast_firmware.bin usbdux_firmware.bin usbduxsigma_firmware.bin
all: usbduxfast_firmware.bin usbdux_firmware.bin usbduxsigma_firmware.bin
make -C as31-2.1
usbduxfast_firmware.bin: fx2-include.asm usbduxfast_firmware.asm
as31 -Fbin usbduxfast_firmware.asm
usbduxfast_firmware.bin: fx2-include.asm usbduxfast_firmware.asm as31
as31-2.1/as31 -Fbin usbduxfast_firmware.asm
usbdux_firmware.bin: fx2-include.asm usbdux_firmware.asm
as31 -Fbin usbdux_firmware.asm
usbdux_firmware.bin: fx2-include.asm usbdux_firmware.asm as31
as31-2.1/as31 -Fbin usbdux_firmware.asm
usbduxsigma_firmware.bin: fx2-include.asm usbduxsigma_firmware.asm as31
as31-2.1/as31 -Fbin usbduxsigma_firmware.asm
usbduxsigma_firmware.bin: fx2-include.asm usbduxsigma_firmware.asm
as31 -Fbin usbduxsigma_firmware.asm
rm -f *.bin *~ *.lst *.bin
make -C as31-2.1 clean
To compile the firmware for the USBDUX,USBDUXfast and USBDUXsigma
Download the as31 from:
(this is a patched version of as31 which supports an
include directive).
Install it in this directory.
Then run "make -f Makefile_dux".
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