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3C359: use request_firmware

Signed-off-by: default avatarJaswinder Singh Rajput <>
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......@@ -505,3 +505,29 @@ Licence:
Found in hex form in kernel source.
Driver: 3C359 - 3Com 3C359 Token Link Velocity XL adapter
File: 3com/3C359.bin
* The firmware this driver downloads into the tokenring card is a
* separate program and is not GPL'd source code, even though the Linux
* side driver and the routine that loads this data into the card are.
* This firmware is licensed to you strictly for use in conjunction
* with the use of 3Com 3C359 TokenRing adapters. There is no
* waranty expressed or implied about its fitness for any purpose.
/* 3c359_microcode.mac: 3Com 3C359 Tokenring microcode.
* Notes:
* - Loaded from xl_init upon adapter initialization.
* Available from 3Com as part of their standard 3C359 driver.
Found in hex form in kernel source.
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