Commit e27d4b7e authored by Luca Coelho's avatar Luca Coelho
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iwlwifi: update firmware version 34 for 9000 series

Build number: Core_build_core31-94
Revision number: ba501b11
Signed-off-by: default avatarLuca Coelho <>
parent 7344ec9e
......@@ -990,10 +990,10 @@ File: iwlwifi-9000-pu-b0-jf-b0-33.ucode
Version: 33.610294.0
File: iwlwifi-9000-pu-b0-jf-b0-34.ucode
Version: 34.618819.0
Version: 34.ba501b11.0
File: iwlwifi-9260-th-b0-jf-b0-34.ucode
Version: 34.618819.0
Version: 34.ba501b11.0
Licence: Redistributable. See LICENCE.iwlwifi_firmware for details
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