Commit e7c85b24 authored by Andrew Lunn's avatar Andrew Lunn Committed by Andrew Lunn
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moxa: Fix firmware file names.

Too many decimal to hex converstions of the USB product ID resulted in
the firmware files having the wrong name. Rename them, and update the
WHENCE file with the new names.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Lunn <>
parent 6eed67a9
......@@ -2225,15 +2225,15 @@ License: Redistributable. See LICENSE.amd-ucode for details
Driver: mxuport - MOXA UPort USB Serial hub driver
File: moxa/moxa-04e2.fw
File: moxa/moxa-04e3.fw
File: moxa/moxa-0582.fw
File: moxa/moxa-05aa.fw
File: moxa/moxa-05ab.fw
File: moxa/moxa-064d.fw
File: moxa/moxa-0652.fw
File: moxa/moxa-0675.fw
File: moxa/moxa-067a.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1250.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1251.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1410.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1450.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1451.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1613.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1618.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1653.fw
File: moxa/moxa-1658.fw
The software accompanying this license statement (the “Software”)
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