Commit f36a8e21 authored by Nicolas Dechesne's avatar Nicolas Dechesne

qcom: add firmware files for Adreno a530

Signed-off-by: default avatarNicolas Dechesne <>
parent bf042913
......@@ -3679,6 +3679,13 @@ File: qcom/a300_pfp.fw
Link: a300_pfp.fw -> qcom/a300_pfp.fw
File: qcom/a300_pm4.fw
Link: a300_pm4.fw -> qcom/a300_pm4.fw
File: qcom/a530_pfp.fw
File: qcom/a530_pm4.fw
File: qcom/a530v3_gpmu.fw2
File: qcom/a530_zap.b00
File: qcom/a530_zap.b01
File: qcom/a530_zap.b02
File: qcom/a530_zap.mdt
Licence: Redistributable. See LICENSE.qcom and qcom/NOTICE.txt for details
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